New Mexico Broadens the Use of Cannabis

Cannabis Standards

A recent expansion in New Mexico laws enabled the use of cannabis on public school campuses under specific circumstances. Read on for more info.

New Mexico: New Cannabis Standards

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed the Senate Bill which broadens the use of cannabis at public spaces. This is the first significant change since 2007 when the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act was created.

This act was introduced to protect against the stigma that medical cannabis patients face, and it was expanded a year later to cover all possible provisions and allow patients to use cannabis for medical purposes in a regulated system.

However, this act was not appropriately implemented within the borders of New Mexico, and this is why Senate Bill SB 406 was introduced.

Laura Sias, an employee at the Ultra Health in Sunland Park, stated that SB 406 brought significant changes to the community and that she was pleased to hear such lovely news.

She noted that this bill applied only to the ones who qualified for it, so she instructed that all patients should register with a New Mexico Dr and get both a cannabis card and cannabis carrier.

Many parents who have children that suffer from all sorts of conditions are thrilled with this decision.

Melecia Garcia, one of the mothers at Sunland Park Elementary, stated that her child was suffering from multiple conditions such as Crohn’s Disease and that she had been having issues with the storage and dosage of his medication while her son was at school. Ever since the introduction of this bill, she has been able to add small doses to him, and she noticed a tremendous recovery when it comes to his medical condition.

Another significant change is that this law allows the storage of medical marijuana by legal guardians, teachers, and parents.

A mother of ex-student from Sunland Park Elementary says that her son used to be a student at this school; however, she had to have him switch to a homebound school program since she couldn’t manage to adjust his medicine dosages to his school time.

She added that she was happy that she now had the ability to go to a school teacher or a nurse and agree on his therapy so that she was sure that he was adequately medicated while at school.

It is important to note that this law requests that parents submit a detailed medication plan to the school board so that the school staff can have an organized medical plan for all students.

However, in spite of the apparent benefits, medical cannabis use faces stigma from one community to another.

Garcia emphasized that it was crucial that all parents and school members were fully informed about the use of medical cannabis. She stated that she was quite disappointed that many people didn’t realize that the use of medical marijuana was not for fun but for medical use.

Lastly, she hopes that good news travel far enough and that maybe it could expand on the neighboring city of El Paso or even on the state of Texas.

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