Gambling State Income Reduces Over Time

Local Gaming

Analyses of tribal taxes and revenues from gambling in New Mexico show an income downfall. Click here to read more..

Local Gaming Industry Goes South

After years of increase in tribal casino taxes and revenues from racetrack gambling, 2019 shows an income drop in New Mexico.

The state’s watchdog legislative agency conducted research which showed a ten percent decline compared to 2012–2018 in revenues per year. These pieces of financial information were obtained courtesy of New Mexico’s tribal casinos.

The statistics show that the state income received from gambling at the racetracks showed a decline by three percent for the period.

The state Gaming Control Board officials refused to comment on these statistics for the time being.

After the decision of U.S. Supreme Court to allow sports betting outside of Nevada, three New Mexico’s tribal casinos either initiated or announced the sportsbooks for wagering on sporting events.

Under a compact negotiated in 2015, twenty-four tribal casinos agreed on sharing their revenues with the state.

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