New Mexico Delegation Provides Thoughts On Impeachment


As Nancy Pelosi announces that the House of Representatives should conduct impeachment inquiry in the coming weeks, the delegations from all the states provide their insight into the affair. With that in mind, the congressional representatives from New Mexico have given their opinions on the president’s impending inquiries as well.

For example, Tom Udall, a New Mexico Democrat, has weighed in with his thoughts on the entire affair. For one, he has mentioned that his conclusion on the impeachment process is not something that he came to easily. But, at the end of the day, he believes that an impeachment process is necessary to preserve the institution of the presidential office.

Thus, the House needs to take action to initiate an investigation right away, so that the truth is uncovered as soon as possible. According to him, the significant reports on abuse of power that have tallied up against the president does not bode well for him. And the fact that the president seems intent on obstructing a clear view on the corruption-related scandals is also worrisome. Most certainly, his increased disregard for public institutions has left Congress with no other way than to proceed with an impeachment inquiry.

Frequently, Donald Trump has shown his blatant disregard for any sort of rule of law in the United States. Plus, according to senator Udall, this is a trend that seems to be becoming worse and time goes on. In the President’s public statements on the crisis, he has basically admitted to the wrongdoing that he’s being accused of.

Truly, he has all but boasted that he used his position to leverage information on his political rivals from foreign governments. Apart from moral issues, this also allows foreign intelligence agencies and governments to interfere with the U.S. democratic proceedings. On top of all that, Udall seems certain that the president and his attorney general have been obstructing justice in their efforts to subdue whistleblowers and their complaints.

The Senator finds the latest reports that are coming in both increasingly clear and more and more disturbing. But furthermore, he also believes that there are further reasons to find the Trump presidency worthy of an impeachment proceeding. Most notably, he thinks that Donald Trump has clearly made profits from his businesses having special treatment both at home and abroad, while he’s been in the White House. And all of this has been done without any approval from Congress or any disclosure to the public.

On the other hand, representative Ben Ray Lujan has been even more fierce in his comments. He claims that Donald Trump has acted in a way that means a betrayal of the presidential office, as well as the American national security interests.

And as this debate on the impeachment proceedings heats up, we are bound to see many more comments that go into the extreme.

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