New Mexico Citizen Gets Plague


According to health officials in Torrance County, New Mexico, a local elderly man has reportedly suffered from the plague.

Last Friday, state officials went on to state that the 73-year-old citizen represents the first case of the plague suffered by a human in the entire state in the past 2 years.

Once the affected at-risk area was determined, representatives of the state Department of Health made door-to-door sweeps to warn citizens of the possible risks involved with the sickness.

Officials maintained that it is important to determine how the disease gets transmitted in order to maximize immunity. And according to them, the plague is usually carried by fleas that inhabit rabbits and rodents. Then, it’s transmitted to humans through bites, or simple contact with animals that have been infected.

The accompanying symptoms are chills, general weakness, headache, and a sudden onset of fever. Plus, there could be lymph nodes with painful swelling.

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