New Mexico Rain-Weary Along With Central US States

Thunderstorms new mexico

Rain Hits New Mexico and Surrounding States Hard — Still No End to Thunderstorms

Central states are experiencing heavy flooding and downpours, and this is expected to continue for several days at least.

The Rockies are ushering in storm upon storm, and they will pass over the Plains before heading northward to Ohio and the Detroit area.

The areas that were flooded with rain will not get a break this week, either. The eastern part of New Mexico, along with Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas are expected to be the most severely hit.

Agricultural production has halted in these areas already across the Midwest. Farmers are biting their nails, waiting to see if they will manage to plant the crops they planned to.

Travelers are advised to keep a watchful eye if they happen upon these parts.

The rain could cause streams over roadways, as well as reduced visibility on the road. All drivers and motorists are advised to keep this in mind.

There should be no river flooding as the basins of the surrounding rivers have not replenished from last year’s drought.

New Mexico will not be among the worst affected,  but the severe thunderstorms are notoriously hard to predict. They may shift further south as well. In the worst case, watch out for hailstorms and strong winds.

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