The City of Albuquerque Creates a Task Force for Domestic Violence


In Albuquerque, this type of violence happens behind closed doors. But it is more frequent than it seems. When it becomes public, it leads to unfortunate events, like the one from a few days ago, when police shot and killed a man after responding to a domestic violence call.

That is why Mayor Keller wanted to make a task force that has the goal of eliminating this kind of disturbance that often goes unseen. Torri Jacobus, the head of the newly-formed task force, shared the scary statistics that show that 20% of murders in Albuquerque are linked to domestic violence. And the city is on the way to have a higher murder rate this year than the last.

Jacobus said that, as the reported incidents in New Mexico show, one out of three women and one in seven men are victims of some sort of domestic abuse within their lifetime. A few days ago, things escalated quickly when the police answered a call about domestic violence and killed a man that confronted them with a gun.

Jacobus stated that the Domestic Violence Task Force is finding cracks in programs and city services that have the purpose of reducing this kind of violence. A group of domestic violence survivors, law enforcement, and experts in the field will give their recommendations to the City Council to put an end to the crime. Jacobus assured that with those people on their side, they would make a huge difference.

The first meeting of the task force for domestic violence prevention will happen next month.

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