World UFO Day: the Roswell Incident

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On July 2, habitual conspiracy theorists celebrate a 1947 spacecraft crash and infamous U.S. government cover-up. Read on for more.

Roswell — Best Place to Go Alien Spotting

As the World UFO Day Organization declared the date, each summer the conspiracy theorists celebrate the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects and their landing in Roswell, New Mexico. The whole purpose of the celebration is to raise awareness among people that intelligent beings from outer space do exist and that there is a strong possibility that we are not alone in the Universe. Conspiracy theorists encourage people to look at the sky and try to identify flying objects that could be sending some sort of message to us. Also, one of the main goals is to force the government to declassify their files on supposed UFO sightings. The most popular UFO sighting is located in Roswell, New Mexico.

In the summer of 1947, a rancher found unidentifiable debris outside his home in Roswell and contacted the authorities. The local Air Force base came to the sight and assured the rancher that he had found the residues of a crashed weather balloon. However, during the 1950s, there was a series of secret “dummy drops” in this area, which helped in raising some suspicions.

This story was kept a secret for a few decades, but when the story broke, the U.S. military was forced to issue a formal report in which they thoroughly explained that this incident was linked to the secret atomic espionage project called Project Mogul that unfortunately failed to be hidden entirely.

Still, the Roswell UFO theory continued with its glory, so hundreds of curious visitors go to New Mexico every year expecting another signal. In 2005, the U.S. military decided to expose more information about Project Mogul and famous dummy drops during the 1950s.In the “Report of Air Force Research Regarding the Roswell Incident,” the U.S. military explained that, during Project Mogul, the team invented a number of high-tech materials, including ultra-lightweight metal, fiber-optic cables, and fabrics. During testing, those particles were spread over certain areas in Roswell designated for the project testing.


They added that it was entirely understandable that the residents of Roswell thought they were dealing with the particles that crashed out of nowhere, but they insisted on claiming that it was confidential information at the time and as such could not be exposed. In addition to the explanation of found particles, they continued explaining the whole “Dummy Drops” across the field in New Mexico.

The skeptics cultivated a theory that the first UFO landing happened in 1947 and that the continuous dummy drops from the sky during the 1950s were failed attempts to hide the visits of extraterrestrial beings. The Air Force explained these events too. During the 1950s, the Air Force conducted a series of experiments in order to find a way for pilots to survive falls from the highest altitudes. These experiments included testing ranges, and they have chosen unoccupied fields to send bandaged, latex, and aluminum-boned dummies from high altitudes to test the new equipment. Even though they sent soldiers on the landing sites to pick up the “left-overs,” they were not always successful. Those specific residues were the spawn of today’s most prominent conspiracy theories.

The same conspiracy theorists firmly believe that the government was trying to cover up the truth about these Roswell landings, since “drops from the sky” were far too suspicious. They were also convinced that these drops were actually body parts of extraterrestrial beings who were allegedly kidnapped and experimented on by the government scientists.

Today, many people firmly believe that those happenings were failed attempts from the government to hide the truth. Several navy pilots contributed to the growth of these theories since they made multiple statements in which they stated that they had various UFO encounters when they saw machines that had no visible engine and could reach 30,000 feet using hypersonic speed.

Even though the U.S. military tried to debunk these rumors with the previously mentioned report, this site in New Mexico keeps attracting new visitors who celebrate July 2 as one of the first UFO slamming into Earth. During this celebration, the visitors in Roswell can visit the Roswell UFO Museum and even hire a local researcher who will take them to 20 different sites connected to the crash in search for the best places for alien spotting. This treatment will cost you only $25 per person, and after the tour, the visitors can purchase all sci-fi merch they can imagine in the souvenir center called Alien Zones.

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