Epstein’s Probe Will Affect New Mexico Sex Offender Law


Attorney General Hector Balderas is trying to push for new legislation that would force all New Mexico residents convicted of sex trafficking to register as sex offenders.

He stated that this decision was enforced at the fastest pace possible since New Mexico laws were facing deepening scrutiny for allowing Epstein to avoid to register.

Balderas stated that New Mexico couldn’t keep up with the other states in strengthening the outdated laws that failed to protect the people.

In 2008, Epstein confessed his guilt for soliciting an underage person for prostitution and was supposed to serve 13 months in prison and register as a sex offender. However, he signed a secret plea deal, and the case was buried.

Matt Baca, New Mexico attorney general’s spokesman, stated that this case was such an embarrassment for the state since Epstein horribly molested a couple of children in the Empire State. Also, he paid underage females an abundance of money for massages and after that, he assaulted them in Palm Beach. These charges should have been sanctioned with 45 years in prison.

Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta came clean on Monday and stated that he decided to step down and admit all details over his handling Epstein’s 2008 secret plea deal. He confessed overseeing his non-prosecution agreement. Also, he would like to reopen the case.

Matt Bacca was very pleased with this and immediately started interviewing people who were the alleged victims at the Epstein’s ranch so that he could expand his evidence file and hand it to federal authorities.

The office got in touch with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York. They managed to find in their file that Epstein was jailed for charges similar to those found in the 2008 case.

This was when AG Hector Balderas was notified about the charges Epstein was accused of in a court filing in 2015 in Florida. These charges stated that he abused a girl aged 15 at certain locations, the New Mexico area included.

Their final discovery included the aerial pictures of the property the Zorro ranch. It is surrounded by massive dessert, and in the middle of the property is a million-dollar mansion surrounded by thousands of acres of desert land.

The records show that he purchased the Zorro ranch for over $12 million. The original owner of the property was the former Gov. Bruce King, whose son is Gary King, a former state attorney general (2007 to 2015).

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