Roads Closed Due to Harsh Flooding in Las Cruces

Flooding in Las Cruces

Several roads including Interstate 10 were closed after last week’s heavy flooding. Read the full story here.

Officials Close Multiple Roads in Las Cruces Due to Flooding

Las Cruces, N.M. — Extreme weather conditions, heavy rain, and thunderstorms caused harsh floods in the Las Cruces area last week.

Starting Monday, officials have closed many roads in the area as well as a stretch of Interstate 10. Additionally, a flood advisory was issued by the National Weather Service on June 10.

According to reports, there were approximately 1–3 inches of rain following the sudden thunderstorms in Southern N.M. and west Texas.

The Community of Hope was harshly affected by the floods. The homeless residents of the community needed to find shelter but were stranded in wet tents. The extreme rainfall affected almost everyone in rural and urban Las Cruces areas. Plus, it was nearly impossible to escape the dangers of it. Locals have complained about property damage as well as headaches and colds.

The Department of Transportation closed I-10 on mileposts 145–151 (both directions) due to heavy floodwater. The interstate, as well as many roads in the Las Cruces area, were blocked due to the dangers of debris and running water. Las Alturas Road (mileposts 4–12) and Stern Road (mileposts 1–10) were shut down for a few hours.

When the roads were opened again, the officials and authorities warned all drivers to beware of slippery and wet surfaces. According to statistics, the number of flood-related deaths is higher than due to other weather-related events.

Among other affected areas were Vado, Mesilla, Dona Ana, NMSU, Dripping Springs, Organ, Afton, Picacho, and more.

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