N.M. Football Stadium Could Be Renamed to ‘Brian Urlacher’


A football stadium in a school district in southeastern New Mexico could soon be renamed in order to pay tribute to Brian Urlacher, a former Chicago Bears linebacker.

Lovington Football Stadium May Be Reamed to ‘Brian Urlacher Stadium’

The school district in the southeast of New Mexico is looking over a proposal to rename the Wildcat Stadium in Lovington, New Mexico.

The new name will pay tribute to Brian Urlacher, the retired linebacker who played for the Chicago Bears. Urlacher grew up in Lovington and graduated from the Lovington high school back in 1996. The Hall-of-Famer has always kept a close relationship with his hometown.

Robert Arreola, the Athletic Coordinator for the Lovington school district, suggested the name change last week.

However, the Lovington school board requested a formal proposal from Arreola and Pam Quinones, the school’s current principal. The proposal will need to include the costs required for the name change.

Brian Urlacher was born in Pasco, Washington, but he spent his childhood and formative years in Lovington. Soon, the city became his hometown, and the young boy developed a strong passion for sports during his time there. Urlacher was a fan of basketball, track, table tennis and above all, football. Later, during his time at New Mexico University, Urlacher joined the Lobos, football team. Then, his professional career took off when he joined the Chicago Bears shortly after and played for 13 years as the linebacker.

Urlacher retired in 2013, and in 2018, he earned a spot on the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The new name of the Lovington stadium will pay tribute to his contribution to the sports world.

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